Referral Reward Program

1. Consulting Placements

Does your project or company need talented SAP resources? If so you could earn a referral bonus for each resource we place. Click the "REFER a Candidate" icon below to get started.

$1,000 for each placement of a consultant on a project for longer than 1 month

2. Permanent Hires

Do you know of any open positions where they are looking for people with SAP skills? If Kreft Group gets and places a person within an organization based upon your referral you could earn: 

$3,000 per successful placement

3. Refer a Position

Do you know of a company that is in need of talented SAP resources? If Kreft Group gets a contract for open positions and places candidates based upon your referral you could earn:

$5,000 per successful contract

 NOTE: All permanent hire referral payments made after candidate’s probationary period has been satisfied.  All contractor or contractor referrals payments will be made after 30 days of placement. Kreft Group honors all company policies.