Rob's consistent focus on client service delivery and his detailed knowledge of the retail industry and the systems that support the business of retailing make him a rare find: a strategic thinker and advisor with an understanding and appreciation of the details.
I have worked with Robert for many years in various roles within SAP and he has consistently brought with him a confidence and familiarity to each situation that ensures a successful outcome. He exemplifies accountability, flexibility and high expectations that are coupled with his down to earth approach. Robert has proven his ability to get things done which is reflected in the management of his organizations. His teams have continually and consistently found resolutions and ways to move projects and relationships forward. His no-nonsense approach has afforded him a high level of respect from colleagues, peers and most importantly customers. Robert has built and maintained an impressive number of professional and personal relationships within the Retail community that are a direct reflection of his leadership and delivery abilities.
I had the pleasure of working with Rob while we were implementing SAP FICO and Retail at Wawa. At the time, Rob was the Senior Program Manager coordinating all of the SAP resources being used on the project and co-managing the project with our team. Rob did an outstanding job. He built a super rapport with all of the senior leadership team and quickly gained their respect. We depended on him to help us through the implementation as we were one of the first retailers to implement SAP Retail in North America, and he never let us down. Our implementation was a success and we owe much of the credit to Rob's dedication and perseverance. Even when Rob was promoted to VP and moved off of the project from a day to day aspect, he was always available to help us if we ran into any problems. SAP will surely miss someone of his caliber and dedication and we will be forever grateful for his talent. Thank you Rob!
Rob and I worked together in different roles during his time at SAP. Rob is a true IT Service professional combining tremendous leadership capabilities with outstanding Retail Industry and SAP solution knowledge. Rob has great customer focus, actively listens, communicates effectively to C-level audiences, and keeps everybody focused on the decision making process. People enjoy working with Rob and for him, he empowers his team and provides opportunity and support for professional growth. I would certainly welcome to work with Rob again
Rob and I worked together at Wawa as Program Managers implementing SAP Financials and Retail. Rob's dedication to ensuring the success of implementation was unparalled. The relationship he enabled Wawa to build with SAP will improved Wawa's ability to get up and running on the software quickly.
Rob is the consummate expert in Retail. He has the unique ability to quickly digest the primary issues and also find others to work on secondary issues. His ability to CALM..is his ultimate gift and what makes Rob such a unique professional. I learned a great deal from Rob and would jump at the opportunity to work with him again.